Pandit Health Resort and Spa

Pandit Health Resort and Spa at Moodabidri – Near Mangalore Pandit’s Health Resort & Spa is conceived as a place to just relax, rest and breathe some unpolluted air with a basic focus on rejuvenation. Set amidst the fields, the place forms an excellent setting to get away from the stress of modern day. It’s Read more about Pandit Health Resort and Spa[…]

Coconut in Mangalore

The Coconut (ತೆಂಗಿನಕಾಯಿ in Kannada, ತಾರಾಯಿ in Tulu, नारियल in Hindi and തേങ്ങ in Malayalam) is a member of the palm family. It is the only species in the genus Cocos, and is a large palm, growing to 30 m tall, with pinnate leaves 4-6 m long, pinnate 60-90 cm long; old leaves break away Read more about Coconut in Mangalore[…]

agoli manjanna bhima of tulunadu

Agoli Manjanna – Bhima of Tulunadu

Agoli Manjanna is the Bhima of Tulunadu. It is said that all his adventures and achievements were super human. Panje Mangesh Rao had written many stories for children based on the life and deeds of Agoli Manjanna. Manjanna had superman strength. Heaps of rice he ate. He was endowed with rare tolerance. These qualities in Read more about Agoli Manjanna – Bhima of Tulunadu[…]

Kambla – Special Events of Mangalore

Kambla or Buffalo Race – Special Events of Mangalore Kambala or Kambla is a rural traditional simple sport, prominent in districts of Udupi and Mangalore in Karnataka and also Kasargod district in Kerala. Kambala is basically a traditional buffalo race in muddy waters, held from December till March. A pair of bullocks are made to Read more about Kambla – Special Events of Mangalore[…]

Sambar for Idli – Mangalore style

Sambar for Idli – Mangalore style Ingredients 1 cup coconut grated 5-6 red dry chillies 1/2 tsp jeera 1 tsp daniya seeds Pinch of turmeric Tamarind – small lemon size Urad daal – 1/2 tsp Mente – 1/3 tsp Few varieties of Vegetables (Check Picture) – Include Mangalore cucumber or white pumpkin Salt Jaggery – Read more about Sambar for Idli – Mangalore style[…]

Kori Gasi (Chicken Gravy) – Mangalore Dish

Kori Gasi (Chicken Gravy) – Mangalore Dish Ingredients Chicken 1 Kg Coconut 1/2 Red chillies 20 Coriander seeds 1/2 cup Jeera 2 big spoon Methi seeds 1/2 tea spoon Pepper 10-15 Badishep 1 big spoon Dalchini (Khette) 1 inch Lavang (Clove) 4-5 Garlic 1 big Ginger 1 inch Tamarind size of a lemon Onions 4-5 Read more about Kori Gasi (Chicken Gravy) – Mangalore Dish[…]

Jenji Masala (Crab Masala) – Mangalore Speciality Dish

Jenji Masala (Crab Masala) – Mangalore Specialty Dish Ingredients Crabs cleaned and washed 5 nos Onions 2 Coconut 1/2 Dry coconut 1/2 Coriander seeds (Dhania Seed) 2 tsp Lavanga (Clove) 5 Pepper 1 tea spoon Khuskhus 2 tsp Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp Green chilli paste 1/2 tsp Salt as per taste Cooking Instructions Heat Read more about Jenji Masala (Crab Masala) – Mangalore Speciality Dish[…]