January 24, 2012


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the services offered by Mangalore Taxi?
Mangalore Taxi and Travel Services offers a reliable taxi service, tour planning, airport pickup and drop, railway station pickup and drop in and around Mangalore city and outside the Mangalore city, and also the tourist attraction places in Kerala, Karnataka and Goa through a fleet of modern, air conditioned cars equipped with 24/7 online booking system. The service is always backed by experienced customer service associates. Apart from this we can book your hotel in Mangalore city if required. We prepare your optimized travel plans to meet your budget and within your travel time and our experienced travel associate will help you to book the hotels within your budget at your sight seeing places too if required at no extra cost.

Q. What are the timings for the Mangalore Taxi and Travel Service?
Our Services are available round the clock.

Q. How do I book a Mangalore Taxi?
You can book a Mangalore Taxi either through our Website www.mangaloretaxi.com or by making a call to +91-9972722878

Q. Can I hire a Mangalore Taxi on the road?
No. You can book a Mangalore Taxi either through our Website www.mangaloretaxi.com or by making a call to +91-9972722878.

Q. Is there a charge for booking on the phone/web?
No. There are no charges to book on the phone or web.

Q. Do I have to pay toll charge when I travel through Mangalore Taxi?
Yes, you will be paying ‘Toll charge’, when you are crossing the toll post or crossing from one state to another state as and when it is applicable. Actual receipt for these toll charges will be shown to customers.

Q. How do I pay after the completion of my trip?
You can pay the chauffeur in cash.

Q. Will I get a printed receipt for the amount paid?
Our chauffeurs are trained to give the receipt for every fare they collect. If by oversight this is missed, please ask for a receipt. We can send e-receipt to your e-mail id too if you forget to collect from chauffeurs.

Q. Can I pay using a debit or a credit card?
At present we don’t have facility to accept payments by debit or credit card

Q. What do I do if I have left something behind in a Mangalore Taxi?
Please call us at +91-9972722878 and give us the details of the taxi number, date and time of travel and we will help you track down your missing item. Mangalore Taxi chauffeurs are trained to report items left behind in a taxi. We will send your lost and found items through mail or courier services if required (at your cost) or you can collect from our mangalore office once we found the items.

Q. Can I cancel a booking made?
Our system of handling bookings is automated and once your journey is confirmed by our customer service associate, a cab/taxi is assigned for your travel. We do understand that sometimes, plans change and you may need to cancel a booking. Please tell us as soon as you reasonably can- that you would like to cancel a booking.

Q. In which cities Mangalore taxi Service currently available?
At present we operate in Mangalore, Udupi, Manipal, Kasargod. But we provide tour/travel, car rental and sightseeing services all over Karnataka, Kerala and Goa states.

Q. Do I need to register at your website to book taxi or travel services?
No need to register to book our online taxi. We will contact you by phone or by e-mail as soon as you book in our web site. Please provide your Name, Phone number, e-mal id and details of travels while booking online.

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