Flute BV Balasai Swathi Sangeethotsavam Kerala India

Featured is a soulful flute performance by BV Balasai on a Swathi composition at the Swathi Sangeethotsavam or Music Festival 2010 in the Kuthira Malika Palace at East fort in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. For more information click – www.indiavideo.org

Varshaa, Rain Melodies, Audio CD composed by Jaisn J. Nair, Aby, Invis Multimedia

‘Varshaa: Rain Melodies’, capturing the many moods of the rainy season. Music is composed by Jaison J. Nair and Aby and produced by Invis Multimedia ( www.invismultimedia.com ) This music CD is available at http

Kakkarissi Natakam

Video of Kakkarissi Natakam, a folk theatre form of Kerala. It is noted for simple modes of expression and humour including social satire. This theatre form is believed to have originated around the 1750s. Most often stories from the ancient epics form the themes. Social satire is a major feature of this art form and Read more about Kakkarissi Natakam[…]

Bharatanatyam Rajashree Warrier Telugu Marulu Minchera Balamurali Krishna Abhinaya

Bharatanatyam , choreography , vocal, performance by www.rajashreewarrier.com An excellent Bharatanatyam performance with due importance to Abhinaya or acting aspect. You can buy this DVD online http Video by www.invismultimedia.com

Viraha, Symphony of Separation, Flute, Audio CD, Kudamaloor Janardanan

Excerpts from Viraha, Symphony of Separation .The sweet sorrow of separation immortalized in the love of Radha & Krishna is rendered poignantly on flute by Kudamaloor Janardanan, Music Audio CD from, Invis Multimedia – www.invismultimedia.com This music CD is available at http For more videos, visit: www.indiavideo.org

Kanikanunneram Vishu Video Greetings Malayalam song

Vishu is the astrological new year of Kerala. Part of Hindu traditions and customs. Vishu conveys the message of auspiciousness and prosperity. Cultivation of new crops commences on this day .Vishukkani or the viewing of the auspicious objects is an important ritual associated with Vishu.

Sadaram, Violin, carnatic classical recital, Audio CD, Jayadevan, Invis Multimedia

Excerpts from Sadaram, Violin concert in Carnatic classical music by A. Jayadevan, a Canadian violinist. He is accompanied by Tiruvaarur Bakthavatsalam, on mrudangam and Vaikom R. Gopalakrishnan, on ghatam.