Flute BV Balasai Swathi Sangeethotsavam Kerala India

Featured is a soulful flute performance by BV Balasai on a Swathi composition at the Swathi Sangeethotsavam or Music Festival 2010 in the Kuthira Malika Palace at East fort in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. For more information click – www.indiavideo.org

Viraha, Symphony of Separation, Flute, Audio CD, Kudamaloor Janardanan

Excerpts from Viraha, Symphony of Separation .The sweet sorrow of separation immortalized in the love of Radha & Krishna is rendered poignantly on flute by Kudamaloor Janardanan, Music Audio CD from, Invis Multimedia – www.invismultimedia.com This music CD is available at http For more videos, visit: www.indiavideo.org