Chavittu Natakam

Video of Chavittunatakam, a dance-drama popular among the Christians of Kerala. This art form originated among the Latin catholics during the early days of Portuguese occupation. The scholars Chinnathambi Pillai and Vedanayakam Pillai, who lived in the 17th century, are the inventors of this dance. The themes usually are heroic tales from the Christian lore. Read more about Chavittu Natakam[…]

Kakkarissi Natakam

Video of Kakkarissi Natakam, a folk theatre form of Kerala. It is noted for simple modes of expression and humour including social satire. This theatre form is believed to have originated around the 1750s. Most often stories from the ancient epics form the themes. Social satire is a major feature of this art form and Read more about Kakkarissi Natakam[…]