Mohiniyattam DVD Classical dance Kerala India Savatipadam Deepti Omchery Bhalla,Innu Mama

Mohiniyattam DVD performed by Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla Innu Mama Bhagya Taru… Savatipadam (E-mail id – and produced by Invis Multimedia – – Thiruvananthapuram. For more information on this video click – http DVD of this dance form is available at

Rhapsody of Beats Percussion Instruments of Kerala Drums DVD, Invis Multimedia

Excerpts from the DVD Rhapsody of Beats produced by Invis Multimedia – in association with Kerala Tourism on the percussion instruments of Kerala. For more videos, visit:

Kathak Dance Kali Mother goddess Pali Chandra Lucknow India

Kathak is a classical dance from Northern India. Intricate footwork and rapid pirouettes which end in statuesque poses are the dominant and most endearing features of Kathak.This is in praise of Godess Kaali. To Buy or Download- Video by

Panchakarma demonstration-3 in Japanese DVD Invis Multimedia

Video of Panchakarma treatments like Udwartana (for skin care), Kativasti (for back pain), Urovasti (for chest pain), Navarakizhi treatment for hemiplegia, Podikkizhi and Illakkizhi in Japanese. For more information on this video click – Video by

Odissi dance Sujata Mohapatra part III DVD

This video features Abhinaya, a piece from Odissi dance which depicts different episodes of Krishna Leela (Krishnas adorable mischief) by Sujata Mohapatra, a renowned Odissi dancer. For more information on this video click – Video by

Odissi Pallavi Sujata Mohapatra Part V DVD

This video shows Pallavi, a dance bit from Odissi which means elaboration to both dance as well as accompanying music. For more information on this video click – Video by

Viraha, Symphony of Separation, Flute, Audio CD, Kudamaloor Janardanan

Excerpts from Viraha, Symphony of Separation .The sweet sorrow of separation immortalized in the love of Radha & Krishna is rendered poignantly on flute by Kudamaloor Janardanan, Music Audio CD from, Invis Multimedia – This music CD is available at http For more videos, visit: