Agra Videos, Uttar Pradesh, India

[youtube=] Known for the world’s most beautiful monument of love, the Taj Mahal, Agra is where the Mughals lived out their theatrics of power and intrigue, of love and piety, of ambition and heartbreak… Yes Agra has seen it all…held it and lost it to now become an important holiday destination on a tourist agenda.

Pune Videos, Maharashtra, India

[youtube=] Once referred to as the Oxford of the east, Pune continues to be a stronghold for academics and culture. Its leisurely ambience finds its roots in its history as a cantonment town since the 19th century. The buzz in the city comes from its lively cultural outpourings and the modern-day pursuits of its youthful Read more about Pune Videos, Maharashtra, India[…]

Mount abu Videos, Rajasthan, India

[youtube=] The pretty hill station of Mt. mAbu stands as a contrast to the arid landscape of the rest of Rajasthan. Situated in the Aravalli Hills, it has forests, waterfalls, ravines and gigantic rock formations in bizarre shapes. The hilly retreat is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year and was a favourite summer Read more about Mount abu Videos, Rajasthan, India[…]

Thekkady/Periyar Videos, Kerala, India

[youtube=] A breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary located nearly 1800 m above sea level in the dense semi- and evergreen deciduous forests of Idukki district, Thekkady is a landlocked home for its myriad fauna and flora as well as for the Mannans, Palians and Ooralie tribes who still continue their ancient methods of herding and bee keeping.

Rishikesh Videos, Uttaranchal, India

[youtube=] Located on the foothills of the Himalayas, this holy city on the banks of the River Ganga is an important pilgrimage centre, and considered to be one of the major seats of Hindu philosophy. It is no wonder that you only see temples, ashrams and shops selling literature and religious items lining the river Read more about Rishikesh Videos, Uttaranchal, India[…]

Kumbhalgarh Videos, Rajasthan, India

[youtube=] This formidable medieval citadel was virtually inaccessible in the 15th century. According to folklore, the fort fell just once when the water of Kumbalgarh was poisoned by the enemies. Built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar, it stands on a 3500 ft high hill overlooking the dusty plains of Mewar and the rugged Aravali range

Ahmedabad Videos, Gujarat, India

[youtube=] Ahmedabad is old textile city is inextricably linked to India’s independence movement. It is from here that Mahatma Gandhi launched his famous Dandi March, as a protest against the Salt Tax, putting India on the path of non-violence. A throbbing commercial and cultural hub, Ahmedabad was home to some of India’s top business and Read more about Ahmedabad Videos, Gujarat, India[…]

Alibaug Videos, Maharashtra, India

[youtube=] A small, idyllic town on the narrow strip of the Arabian Sea, at the southern tip of Mumbai, Alibagh or Alibaug, is fringed with tall coconut trees and golden sandy beaches lapped by the ocean. Apart from the quaint village houses, it also has farm houses of Mumbai’s affluent folk

Khajuraho Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India

[youtube=] Located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho has emerged as a renowned tourist destination from a tiny unknown village. A World UNESCO Heritage Site, Khajuraho is better known as the Temple Town. Famed for its magnificent Jain and Hindu temples and intricate stone sculptures, Khajuraho remains the epitome of the temple architectural Read more about Khajuraho Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India[…]

Jodhpur Videos, Rajasthan, India

[youtube=] The second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur has been the hub of Marwari traders since time immemorial. The Mehrangarh Fort rises dramatically out of the rugged mountainside and is surrounded by the blue washed houses that dominate the city’s landscape.

Pachmarchi Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India

[youtube=] Secluded in a saucer-shaped plateau and flanked by red sandstone hills, Pachmarhi is known as the Queen of Satpuras. Occupying the highest point in Madhya Pradesh, it is an offbeat hilly retreat with pristine wilderness and more or less untouched terrains. Deep gorges, dense forests, streams, cascading waterfalls and groves of sal and bamboo Read more about Pachmarchi Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India[…]

Yercaud Videos, Tamil Nadu, India

[youtube=] Yeracaud is situated in the green vistas of the Shervaoyan Hills in the Eastern Ghats, close to the town of Salem in Tamil Nadu. Its popularity as an escape from the heat and grime of the city rests not just upon its landscape of forest covered hill-sides, and coffee, cardamom and black pepper plantations, Read more about Yercaud Videos, Tamil Nadu, India[…]

Shimla Videos, Himachal Pradesh, India

[youtube=] A magnificent hang-over of the British Raj, Shimla’s cool environs still remain the biggest magnet for Indian tourists. And so we have taken the best of what the British created, and mixed it with the quintessentially Indian – and every summer thousands of people from the plains enjoy themselves to the hilt in this Read more about Shimla Videos, Himachal Pradesh, India[…]

Idukki Videos, Kerala, India

[youtube=] One of the largest districts of Kerala, Idduki offers diverse attractions from wildlife sanctuaries to hill stations. Idukki is a picturesque blend of mountains, streams, spice plantations, and wooded valleys. It derives its name from the Malayalam word idukku which means a narrow gorge.

Chikmagalur Videos, Karnataka, India

[youtube=] Nestled at 3400ft in the Sahyadri mountains of the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is situated in the south-western part of Karnataka. Barely 250km from state capital Bangalore, it lies at the foothills of the Baba Budan range and offers an ideal getaway for those looking at a quiet weekend. Typical of Ghat topography, the town Read more about Chikmagalur Videos, Karnataka, India[…]

Sunderbans Videos, West Bengal, India

[youtube=] Formed by the union of three mighty rivers ‘Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna’ the extensive Sundarbans delta covers an area of 38500 sq km, with a major portion of it spreading into Bangladesh. The Indian part of the delta is home to the Sunderbans National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

Khandala Videos, Maharashtra, India

[youtube=] Khandala is one of the most popular hill stations of Maharashtra, located in the Sahyadri mountains, and is 5 km away from Lonavala, yet another popular hill getaway. Situated at an altitude of 625 m, this quiet hill town is a weekend escape for residents of Mumbai and Pune.

Himachal Pradesh Videos, Himachal Pradesh, India

[youtube=] Situated in North India, Himachal Pradesh (Abode of Snow) is surrounded by Jammu & Kashmir on the north; Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh to the south; Uttaranchal to the south east and the Chinese territory of Tibet to the east. The state is mostly covered by the low Shivalik hill range towards the south and Read more about Himachal Pradesh Videos, Himachal Pradesh, India[…]

Vishakapatnam Videos, Andhra Pradesh, India

[youtube=] nce an anonymous little fishing village in the Eastern Ghats, overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Vishakapatnam or Vizag, has risen to become one of the country’s busiest commercial ports and largest shipbuilding yard. The seaside town has seen the might and power of several ancient dynasties-the Chalukyas and the Cholas who had already played Read more about Vishakapatnam Videos, Andhra Pradesh, India[…]

Bogmalo Videos,Goa, India

[youtube=] Located in the South Goa district, Bogmalo is a small sleepy fishing village dotted with palm trees, 8kms from Vasco, the largest city of Goa. It is a popular haunt for many seeking solitude from the crowded beaches of Goa. It is also a good place for water sports. Bogmalo is a happy mix Read more about Bogmalo Videos,Goa, India[…]