Khajuraho Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India

[youtube=] Located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho has emerged as a renowned tourist destination from a tiny unknown village. A World UNESCO Heritage Site, Khajuraho is better known as the Temple Town. Famed for its magnificent Jain and Hindu temples and intricate stone sculptures, Khajuraho remains the epitome of the temple architectural Read more about Khajuraho Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India[…]

Pachmarchi Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India

[youtube=] Secluded in a saucer-shaped plateau and flanked by red sandstone hills, Pachmarhi is known as the Queen of Satpuras. Occupying the highest point in Madhya Pradesh, it is an offbeat hilly retreat with pristine wilderness and more or less untouched terrains. Deep gorges, dense forests, streams, cascading waterfalls and groves of sal and bamboo Read more about Pachmarchi Videos, Madhya Pradesh, India[…]