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Panambur Beach is on NH 66, 10 kms away from Mangalore city. This beach is next to the Mangalore port. Panambur beach is the only developed beach in Mangalore and is maintained by private company. Water sports, beach activities and eateries can be found in Panambur beach. You can find lifeguard in this beach. It has bathing facilities also. Walking on the artificial water breaker made of rocks is fun. This is the most crowded beach in Mangalore.

Among Mangalore’s beaches, the jewel in the crown is Panambur beach. Why, one may ask, and the reason is the development that has taken place here over the years, not only in terms of introducing attractive rides for visitors, but also the security and cleanliness it maintains. Panambur Beach is well on the way to becoming a popular tourist spot. The annual beach festival has become immensely popular; and from year 2011, a beach safari and a luxury yacht service will be offered at Panambur Beach.

It was not always so. The credit for making this beach so beautiful goes to Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project, a private firm which has taken the beach on lease for a period of 10 years to develop and maintain it. One may find it hard to believe, but this project is the first of its kind in the whole of India. The beach has undergone a number of changes ever since 2008, when it was given on lease.

The beach safari is probably the only event of its kind ever conceived in the country. Every Saturday evening, visitors to the beach will be treated to a wide range of entertainment programmes. On Sunday, they can enjoy water sports such as rides on speed boats, jet skis, country boats, and so on.

Yathish Baikampady, the chief executive officer of Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project, said that the beach safari will generate a great deal of excitement. It is scheduled to commence in mid-April when all students are free of exams and is sure to be a hit, he said. The experience will be quite affordable, he added.

The Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project has also collaborated with a French company to launch luxury yachts in Panambur from October. Each yacht will be well-equipped with all modern facilities, twin beds, eight bedrooms, and so on. The French company is successfully running similar services in Maldives.

The luxury yachts will be operated on Panambur Beach, between Mangalore and Goa, St. Mary’s Island, Karwar, and Lakshadweep. A day charter for 50 people will be introduced soon.

Among the many, the most important development at the beach is the installation of lifeguards, the Panambur Beach Tourism Department, that is, the PBTD Lifeguards.

Earlier, the annual death rate due to drowning in Panambur beach was more than 20 deaths a year. But thanks to the lifeguards, it has gone down from 20 to 5 in just the first year of the commencing of the project, 2008 to 2009.

About Panambur:
Panambur (Tulu, Kannada: ಪಣಂಬೂರು) is the site of New Mangalore Port. It is located in Dakshina Kannada (formerly South Canara ) district of Karnataka state, India, north of the Gurupura river. The name Panambur is derived from ‘Panam’ which means Money and ‘Ur’ which means place or village in Tulu language. There is a Nandaneshwara temple in Panambur. The sea port is near to Surathkal railway station on the Mumbai-Mangalore railway route. There is a beautiful beach on the shore of the Arabian Sea at Tanniru Bhavi to the south of sea port at Panambur. Gurupur river is to the south of Panambur. Many factories are located at Panambur including Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers and Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited.

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