Karinja – Karinjeshwara Temple, Bantwal

Karinjeshwara temple in Bantwal is one of the most famous pilgrim sites of Dakshina Kannada district. Karinja also known as Kailasa Parvata and Bhoo Kailasa because it is situated on the top of a hill, this temple is a treat to the eyes, with the lush Kodyamale Reserve Forest surrounding the temple, making the place even more picturesque.

One has to look out for Vagga, 10 Km away from Bantwal towards Dharmasthala. The stop is also identified as Karinja Cross, where a beautiful entrance welcomes you to one of the most calm and serene places of the coastal district. The alternative route leading you to Karinja through Kodyamale Forest is also enough to keep you spellbound. The trek uphill is best experienced when you walk from main entrance up to the temple.

The Karinjeshwara temple stands high on the hill amidst beautiful surroundings. The temple is split into two parts – one dedicated to the Lord Shiva, at the peak of the hill, and another dedicated to His Wife, the Goddess Parvahti, and their Son, Lord Ganesha, a little lower down the hill. This is the 7th temple built by Kalkuda. He had vowed to build 7 temples overnight.


About 800 years ago, two Brahmin youth Karinjattaya and Ichlattaya brothers arrived at the Kumbla county from Uttara Kannada to publicize the Sanatana belief. At that period, Tulunadu was ruled by Taulava King. Bhoota or Divine worship was the ritual in practice at that time in this region. The place where Ichlattaya settled was called Ichlampady and the other by Karinjattaya was called Karinja. Somewhere in between Karinja and Ichlampady, in a scenic beautiful area, was built a Lord Shiva Temple. It is said that these Brahmins, who had no descendants, had given away their agricultural property along with the temple to the Bunts who were helping them.

There are numerous evidences in the premises of the temple narrating several stories to the visitors about the life of the temple, as it is believed that the temple premises has been the testimony to all the four Yugas mentioned in Hindu mythology.

The temple is said to have had different names in each of the Yugas. According to mythological texts, the place was called ‘Roudra Giri’ during Krutha yYuga, ‘Gajendra Giri’ in Tretha Yuga, ‘Bheema Shaila’ in Dwapara Yuga and ‘Karinja’ in Lali Yuga (now). Deemed as the temple located at greatest height among all the other temples of Dakshina Kannada, the shrine is situated on a monolith spreading over 25 acres. The temple is surrounded by green Kodyamale Reserved Forest adding to the serenity of the place.

How to Reach Karinja

Karinja Shiva Parvathi Temple, is located at Kavalamudur village, Vagga in Bantwal. It is about 37 km from Mangalore and 12 km from Bantwal Road. The place is located between Mangalore and Dharmasthala, on the State highway. Karnataka State bus services are easily available. One can also hire an auto-rickshaw from Vagga to reach Karinja.

You will find that the climb of 555 steps is worth and once you reach the peak you will get a beautiful bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas. With all its historical significance and beauty of nature, Karinja is one of the best places for a pilgrim centers.

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Maps and Driving Directions to Karinjeshwara Temple

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