Koti Chennaya Theme Park

Koti-Chennaya Theme Park is located in Karkala taluk, about five km away from the Karakala town and about 50 km away from Mangalore. The park, which aims at paying tributes to the these valiant heroes, who have left a lasting imprint on the history and folklore of Tulunadu.

About Koti Chennaya

Koti & Chennaya – Legendary heroes of Dakshina Kannada. “Nambinakalegu imbu korpa, Satya gendadu korpa”. “Satyodu battinagale tigaled saadi korpa, Anyayodu battinagale suryodu saadi tojawa”. Electrifying words – from an equally rousing legendary heroes of Dakshina Kannada – the twin brave hearts of Tulunadu – “Koti and Chennaya”. Born about 400 years ago (around 1594 A.D) Koti-Chennaya became the champions of the downtrodden & the underprivileged in their fight against injustice. They are immortal in the hearts & minds of Tulunadu people through their acts of bravery and their fearless pursuit of justice and equality. The stories of their bravery are passed on from generations to generation & the inseparable twins are still worshiped throughout Tulunadu. They are the undisputed earliest leading stars of Tulunadu people. Because of their courage, conviction, and sympathy towards the downtrodden, Koti and Chennaya have been elevated to the level of divine entities. Their stories are preserved in the form of folklore, paddanas, Garodis, etc.

Picture Gallery of Koti Chennaya Theme Park

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