Padubidri Beach Near Udupi

Padubidri Beach

Padubidri beach is approximately a kilometre away from the Padubidri Nagaraj Estate bus stop. If one wants to avoid crowded beaches and spend time quietly and peacefully, then this is the best beach to visit. This long stretch of clean and quiet beach is an ideal place to spend the evenings. Children love chasing tiny crabs trying to rush to the safety of nearby small holes in the sand. As the sun sets in, the nearby lighthouses in Kapu and Suratkal start flashing and the gentle breeze and the white surf brings you close to the nature. During certain days of the year one can watch both sunset in the west and the moon rise from the east simultaneously. During the monsoon season the sea turns violent and it is interesting to watch huge waves hitting the shore lines. During the non-monsoon season, the sea is calm and it is safe for swimming. One can watch people enjoy fishing with the long fishing lines.

About Padubidri
Padubidri or Padubidre is a small town in coastal district of Udupi in Karnataka state, India. Padubidri is on the way from Udupi to Mangalore route. National Highway 17 (now NH 66) passes through Padubidri. Padubidri is famous for ritual Dakkebali, which is held every two years. This ritual is held in odd series of years 2005, 2007 and so on. All buses from Manglore to Udupi travel en route to Padubidri. The nearest airport is at Bajpe, which is a 45-minute drive. There are also Padubidri and Mulki Konkan railway stations nearby.
Dakkebali is held near the shore of Arabian Sea. This night-long ritual is held to worship Serpent (Naga). The dakkebali attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over coastal areas. The Padubidri will be affected by coal-based thermal power project being set at nearby Nandikur. There is a branch of Krishnapura matha at Padubidre.
The model Sheetal Mallar is from this town.

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