Malpe Beach Near Udupi

Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach is an undefiled virgin beach situated at a distance of about 66 km north of Mangalore and 6 km from Udupi.The main attraction of the Malpe beach is its never ending coastline flanked by three rocky islands on its western side. Initially Malpe was an important port on the coast of Karnataka fenced by the dancing palm trees for a long stretch of the beach. The Malpe beach is an ideal place to retire from the hustling and bustling noise of the town. The main economic activity in Malpe is the fishing industry and is also one of the biggest industry in tile manufacturing.Malpe beach is one of the perfect holiday destination if you are looking forward for a calm and a serene location. There are also other entertainments for the tourists coming to this beach for they involve in activities like bathing in the sea, riding the sea waves, boating, fishing and angling, a lazy stroll on the beautiful beach or just sunbathing. There are also small ferryboats where you can hire for a ride.

Malpe beach is a flat beach and an ideal place for water sports and taking bath. The beach is spread at a wide stretch and excellent for taking a walk. The exotic St Mary’s Island which is a few kms away can be seen from Maple beach. The famous Paradise isle beach resort and other cozy resorts are located here. On Sundays and holidays local sand sculptors make sand images on the beach. Plenty of water sports are available here for the young. Lot of activities are held here for the adventurous and children. The beach has decent bath facilities and benches to relax. A few coconut trees on the coastline offer soothing shade in the scorching sun for a memorable siesta. Malpe beach has many eat outs offering sea food and coastal delicacies.

About Malpe:
Malpe is a natural port about six kilometers to the west of Udupi, Karnataka, India. An important port and fishing harbor on the Karnataka coast, Malpe is situated at the mouth of the Udyavara river.Malpe is part of Kodavoor Grama. It is a suburb in Udupi city and is administerd by Udupi City Municipality. Tulu, Kannada and Konkani are spoken here. The place of interest in Malpe is the scenic beach, which is popular among both locals and tourists. St. Mary’s Islands is also a tourist destination. Malpe also houses temples of Balarama and Ananteshwara. The fort on the island of Daria-Bahadurgad, off the shores of Malpe, is said to have been built by Basavappa Nayaka of Bidanur.

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