Kurumgad Beach Karwar

Kurumgad Beach

Kurumgad Beach is a tortoise shaped Island and is located about 4 km away from Karwar situated in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state, India. Kurumgad Beach is very popular for the Narasimha temple, which becomes a major attraction for religious thousands of devotees who visit the temple at the time of the annual fair, which takes place during the Pushya Purnima in January. Approach to Kurumgad Island is mainly by boat from Sadhashivgad jetty on the backwaters of River Kali at Karwar. Kurumgad Island is just 1 km away from Devbagh Beach, Karwar.


Accommodations are available at Great Outdoors Island Resort, Karwar.

Activities at Kurumgad Beach

Water Sports: Kurumgad Beach is a perfect place to enjoy activities such as Trekking, fishing, Boat Rides, Tidal Pool, diving, snorkeling, or treasure hunts.

The island near to Kurumgad Beach has a port office on mainland with open air car park facility for approx 10 cars. You will be picked up during lunch time from port office. You can take all the luggage with you or choose to leave something in car. Lunch timings are neither too strict, nor too personalized. You are either clubbed with another group checking in to same island or supplies trip. A good 30 minute ride takes you to the island, where your luggage is picked up by staff and carried up the hillock by 5-10 min light climb. Enjoy the sea view, multiple islands and view of the bridge on river Kali. Apart from usual attractions like beach, temple and water sports, enjoy the sea eagle sights, light house, catch your own fish, dolphin sight and a live jelly-fish near coast. Checkout generally happens after breakfast and you are taken to mainland at around 11 or 11:30 AM by ferry, but return timing completely depends on the ferry launch.

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Some Additional Tips

Take sufficient cash as all water sports and additional purchases are strictly by cash.
Take your own torch without fail. Electricity may not be available 24/7 in island.
Good to have binoculars if you want to see eagle nests
2 nights stay works well as it gives you a full 24 hours of leisure.
Take only necessary luggage if you are staying here as a part of bigger trip
Hot water is provided on request, no boilers in toilet blocks
For kids, they will cook instant food if you carry ready-to-cook packets.
Senior citizen may face problem in tents.
No souvenir shop available in island.

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