Belekeri Beach Ankola Uttara Kannada

Belekeri Beach

Belekeri Beach is situated in Ankola Uttara Kannada District. Moving towards Mangalore from Karwar on the National Highway 66, you have to take a deviation after 22 kms and proceed 4 kms to reach Belekeri Beach. You will not regret the detour. The vast grass lawn suddenly drops by 50’ to the beach providing a wonderful view of the sea. The land is surrounded by picturesque mountains. Watching sunset in the evening you would never like to leave the place

Photo Gallery of Belekeri Beach

Nearby places to visit: Katyayani Temple, Aversa (10Kms)

About Belekeri: Belekeri is a village in Ankola, Karnataka, India, and is known for its fish. It is approximately 6 km from Ankola. Belekeri exports manganese to China.

Video – Belekeri Beach Ankola

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