Bavali Kudru

Islands of various radius, known as Kudru in local language, are being formed in the coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. The stream that originates in the Western Ghat is joined by several small streams and becomes a major river and confluences in the Arabian Sea. The islands that are in the backwaters of the coastal district of of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi are pristine and exist away from human development. The landmasses have been formed by small streams since centuries and are found in the plains from Kasargod to Bhatkal. These islands that are formed by the rivulets are about 100 acres in radius or less in some regions. Bavali Kudru, Kannada Kudru, Uppina Kudru, Heri Kudru etc are among the isles that may win away hearts of tourists with its lush green and serene atmosphere.

‘Bavali’ means Bat and ‘Kudru’ means Island, so Bavali Kudru derived its name from the bat colony that prevailed few decades ago. Now there are no more bats in the region due to the felling of trees that sheltered them for centuries. Bavali Kudru is surrounded by River Sita. Its not an easy task to live in this island. One has to be brave enough to face the nature’s challenges. The residents here are trying to live along with daily struggles.The Sitanadi (River Sita), rivulet that flows in the vicinity poses them greater obstacles for daily survival. This beautiful island is a classic example of remote village that resembles the state of India’s pre-independence era. The people live here since five generations. Bavali Kudru lies in a radius of 100 kilometers.The paddy, palm, areca and other commercial crops including sugarcane are grown in the island. The vegetables grow abundantly and are main sources of income for the islanders.
The islanders constitute about 30 Christian joint families.

How to reach Bavali Kudru

Tourists can reach Neelavara (18 km from Udupi) through the nearest railway station at Barkur or get down at Indrali railway station in Udupi. There are plenty of buses, Taxi’s from Brahmavar to Neelavara stopping at the Mahishamardini Temple. For air travelers, the easiest airport is located 75 km away at Mangalore (Bajpe) Airport. Call Mangalore Taxi at +91-9972722878 to explore tourists destinations in and around Mangalore and Udupi.

Photo Album of Bavali Kudru

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