Printer and Printing Tips

1. How to install a printer driver on a Windows XP?

1. Click Start. Then click Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Printers and Faxes.

2. Double-click Add Printer to start the Add Printer Wizard, and then click Next. Click Local printer, clear the Automatically detect and install check box, and then click Next.

3. Click Create a new port, and then click Local Port in the Port type section.

4. In the Port Name box, type the path to the printer in the following format, where server is the name of the print server and printer is the name of the printer:

5. Click Next, and then select a Windows 2000 or Windows XP driver for your printer.

6. Click Next, and then follow the instructions to finish the wizard.

2. How to print webpage without backgrounds?

You can print out any webpage with its background colors and with out background colors using Internet Explorer setting. Generally Internet Explorer setting “Print background colors and images” is disable, if you print webpage without background colors, then you can speed up your printing and save printer ink. But important thing to always preview WebPages before you print, in Internet Explorer go to File menu, then click on Print Preview option.

To enable or disable print background colors option:
1. Open your system Internet Explorer.

2. Click the Tools menu and then go to Internet Options and open it.

3. Click the Advanced tab then scroll down to find the option Printing section.

4. Now check the option “Print background colors and images” then Apply and ok.

3. How to get better digital prints?

1. Resolution of Image – The important factor to get a quality print, the DPI of the an image. DPI stand for numbers of dots of ink per inch that will appear on the page in both directions (Vertically and horizontally), for example 600X700 dpi.

There are some guidelines for certain printing task:

If you are going to print simple text or image then 300 dpi is best and for higher quality text or image your choice for image resolution should be 600 dpi. But if you are working with professional image quality then set dpi up to 2400.

2. Paper Quality– Paper quality playing a vital role in printing an images. Specially printer manufactures designed paper to be used with the ink in your printer. You should consider some qualities in paper like page size, paper color and its weight.

3. Printer Settings – Printer setting is also important factor in image result, but these setting almost same with the all printers, for example Paper size, printing mode (EconoMode for save toner), printing quality (Best Quality, Faster Printing and Custom) and color management.

4. How to increase the printing speed of your printer

You can improve the printing speed of your printer with managing the print spooler option. Basically printer spooler holds your prints for some time then send to printer for print out. By default on most printers, printer spooler option is enabled but you turn off to specify that the file should be sending to the printer and not spooled.

Here printer spooler option might be different location in your printer but on most printers you can turn off by going to Start, Setting then Printers. Now right click on the icon of the printer that you are using. Click Properties and select the Advanced tab. Here click on “Print directly to printer” option. This will tie up your application until the printer has all the data, but your print job should finish more quickly. Printing directly to the printer will also come in handy if your print spooler crashes and you need to print before you reboot your PC.

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