On August 19, 2009 we are fortunate to start our humble business to provide internet accessed services to mainly the students as well as business people in Mangalore at an affordable price completely modern technology.

Our setup was unique in Mangalore; completely modern technology with hi-fi Computers and large screen LCD monitors, high-speed internet access, hi-fi games, and high standard of service with personal touches. It has the most modern computer peripheral enabling customers to do their work or simply browse the internet, call using VOIP or chat with other over the net with Web Cam, Voice over IP, CD/DVD burning, high resolution scanning, Gaming, Movie/Songs download, Mobile ring tone download etc.

There have always been many other technological advanced features adding from time to time, e.g. secured WI-FI network laser color printing etc. We have also conducted web training classes and received many reviews. Check out our web page web training classes.

The Back Bone to Internet
We use High Speed DSL internet from the leading service provides in Mangalore to deliver high bandwidth for 24-hour un-interrupted internet connection. Our microwave radio links offer a reliable throughput speeds of 2MB within the WLAN.

The Network
Ethernet is employed for our family of local-area networks (LAN) which switches data rates over twisted-pair cables at 10 Mbps 10Base-T and also at 100 M bps Fast Ethernet. There is a Wireless Access Point providing wi-fi environment for notebook users. The wi-fi is secured by WPA2 encryption over DHCP services. For those without wireless capacity there is an extra network hubs which enables connection to internet. We use a Printer Server to handle networked printers; this enables printing not only from our computer terminals but also from your wireless notebook computer. All the internet traffic in and out of the Cyber Plus is handled by a router with a hardware firewall.

Computer Systems
We provide 8 terminals spaciously spread out for maximum comfort and privacy. You can order a drink or enjoy a healthy while you use the computer. Smoking is not allowed in side the Cyber Plus. Each PC is equipped with the following as minimum:

• CPU Intel Core2 Duo, clock speed from 2.2 GHz to 2.88 GHz
• RAM = 4GB, Hard Disk > 500 GB, Interfaces: USB2 + Fire wire
• AGP Graphic Card Video RAM = 1GB, Sound Card 24-bit with headphone + Mic
• One CD/DVD-RW or DVD burner, and one CD ROM 52X
• Full keyboard layout and optical mouse
• 2 new iMac computers will soon be added to our family

Printers and Copiers

Modern and fast Printers are installed and controlled via an external Printer Server, which offers full-featured networking ability for LAN and Wi-Fi use. You can also print directly from your notebook through wireless connection to any of our printers.

Scanner and Imaging

For high quality scanning of Documents, Photographs, Prints, as well as Film Negatives and Slides, we have installed one HP high performance scanner. It has a hardware resolution of 2400×2400 dpi at 48-bit color depth. An active transparency adapter is used for scanning of slides and film negatives.

Other Peripherals

• Stereo Headset with microphone, for Voice over IP, Chat, Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Video Conferencing etc – No extra charges
• USB Web-cam 5 Megapixel, for Live Chatting, Video Conferencing
• Each computer is equipped with CD/DVD Burner with Light Scrbe DVD burning technology.
• DVD/CD Burner for DVD formats +R, -R, +RW, -RW
• USB Memory Cards Readers for SD, SM, CF, MMC, MS, XD etc.
• USB Wireless Network Adapter for Notebook Computer user at additional charges
• Game pads, Steering wheel, and Joystcks for your gaming convenience at no extra charges.
• We sell USB Flash Memory Drives 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB to download and store your data.
• We sell CD/DVD’s to download and store your data.

Other Services

• OCR Document, either in text or spreadsheet formats.
• Typing (English, Kannada, Hindi), we charge per page in Microsoft Word.
• Preparation of Letter Head, Resume, PDF conversation, Invoice Templates etc.
• Business Presentation, Multi-media Design
• Graphic Design, Catalog Layout, Digital Images touching up etc.
• Private Computer Lesson, and Consultation
• Website Design and Maintenance
Free Call to USA and Canada (Internet Charges applies)
• Movie song download and ring-tone downloads
• Instant Train ticket and Bus ticket bookings to all the destinations in India – Coming Shortly:
• Currency re charge for all the Mobile phone services such as Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Idea, Tata-Docomo, BSNL and Vodafone.
• Sight Seeing, Tour/Travel Packages and Hotel Bookings.

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