Cyber Plus Opening

Cyber Plus Inaugural Ceremony – Aug 19 2009

On August 19, 2009 we are fortunate to start our humble business to provide internet accessed services to mainly the students as well as business people in Mangalore at an affordable price completely modern technology.

Our setup was unique in Mangalore; completely modern technology with hi-fi Computers and large screen LCD monitors, high-speed internet access, hi-fi games, and high standard of service with personal touches. It has the most modern computer peripheral enabling customers to do their work or simply browse the internet, call using VOIP or chat with other over the net with Web Cam, Voice over IP, CD/DVD burning, high resolution scanning, Gaming, Movie/Songs download, Mobile ring tone download etc.

There have always been many other technological advanced features adding from time to time, e.g. secured WI-FI network laser color printing etc. We have also conducted web training classes and received many reviews. Check out our web page web training classes.

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