Giri Manja’s

If you are in Mangaluru, this is a must place. The best seafood one can taste anywhere. Giri Manja’s hotel has been around 30 yrs and locals say the taste is the same. The decor is more on the rustic side, seating arrangement very ordinary and don’t expect any great ambiance, but the food is top class. Go for fish thali, prawns and fish fry, you won’t regret it. Simple Thali or Lunch plate providing with rice, pickle, one vegetable, papadom, curry will cost you only Rs 50. Hungry and craving for some taste of the ocean, finding this hole in a wall in a part of Mangalore’s less than modern by lanes would not have been that easy, had it not been for the auto-rickshaw driver who knew the place. This place is purely for someone who just wants to have a sumptuous seafood meal with a homemade touch to it. The Pomfret and Anjal and prawn fries that we ordered were fresh and delicious. Words and pictures fail to do justice in describing how amazing this experience was. It’s like sitting in an old house in a rural area on desks and benches having the best meal. The service and courtesy are excellent, the place is so famous that one may have to wait in a queue to get a spot to sit.


Gopalkrishna Temple Road Near Kalikamba Temple, Mangalore India
Phone: +91 99000 00080

Please call +91 9972722878 to book Mangalore Taxi to visit Giri Manja’s restaurant

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