Languages in Mangalore

Languages in Mangalore

In Mangalore 3 languages are generally spoken TULU, KONKANI and KANNADA. Three Languages in Mangalore are very common. Usually every Mangalorean will be knowing these 3 Languages. Tulu is spoken by Bunts, Poojari, Shettigar and Amin community, Konkani is spoken by Kokani`s and Christian community and Kannada is spoken by the Brahmin community. Tulu is one of the five major Dravidian Languages. It is the dominant language of the district, spoken by a little more than half the population. It is the language of communication used in public in all regions, except Kundapur area. The language did have a script and recently there was a discovery of inscriptions as well as three epics written in that language. Kannada is the official language.

There are three Kannada dialects in the region, one is a regional dialect named as Kundapur Kannada and other two are the social dialects spoken by the Havyaka Brahmins and the Gowda community of Sullia area. People who speak Kannada form about 20% of the region. Konkani is marked by its multi-religious, multi-caste and multi-dialect status. It is also spoken by Catholics in the region. It is spoken by about 12% to 15% of the district population. But you can hear more of Tulu in Mangalore, you can find a Bus Conductor, a Shop Keeper, Auto driver, Vegetable Vendor, Hotel Server speak to you in Tulu. You feel so much at home listening to the local Language it is a pleasant language for your ears and never sounds harsh. If you closely observe you find Tulu a mixture of all languages you get to hear words from Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Coorgi and Sanskrit. It is not difficult to learn Tulu, and for a South Indian it is much more easier. Tulu unfortunately does not have any script. In case someone wants to write a letter in Tulu he/she will use Kannada script to write the same. Many scholars and writers have experimented on the script but nothing concrete has taken place yet.

Konkani is second highest spoken language in Mangalore. This language slightly differs from the typical Konkani community to Christian community. Christians speak Konkani similar to that of Goan konkani. But most of the pronunciation of words are similar in both the communities.

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