Dasara Tiger Dance in Mangalore – Pili Vesha

PILI VESHA (Tiger Dance) – Famous Dasara Tiger Dance can be seen only in in Mangalore and Udupi District

In local Tulu language Pili means a Tiger. Pili vesha (tiger dance) is a unique form of folk dance in Dakshina kannada that fascinates the young and the old alike. Here young boys and men paint their body with yellow and brown stripes, wear a tiger mask on their face and dance to the beats of the drums. Pili vesha is performed only during Dasara and Krishna Janmastami. In earlier days these artists would perform the dance for 10 days, at nights they would sleep on the plantain leaf so that the paint does not peel off and also to keep their body cool. These people along with drums and pipes go dancing from house to house on every streets in Mangalore. You can also get to see some of the artist wearing garland of currency notes. These days most of the houses pays Rs 50-500/- for the entire group performing the Pili Dance.



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