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Someshwara beach is the best and most beautiful beach in Mangalore. The sunset view in Someshwar beach is unforgettable, a feast for the eyes and a favourite for photo lovers. Someshwara beach is located near Mangalore, and it is a pristine beach famous for its view of sunsets. Someshwara beach is located in Ullal at the confluence of the Netravati River and the Arabian Sea. The golden sands, greenery along route from Mangalore, and the coconut palms along the beach make this beach a must-visit destination on the traveller’s itinerary. Someshwar beach is spread over a few kms and can be accessed at many places. The first point is near MUDA layout after Summer sands resort. This place has shade trees and offers quiet view of the soothing blue waters. An ideal place for picnic lovers.

The best part of the beach is near the Hindu temple. This temple is at the hill top and steps lead to the beach underneath. The view from the hill top is enchanting. There are concrete benches on the hill top for beach lovers to relax. The steps ate well constructed and unwind to the sea below. There are many huge granite rocks here. One can easily move to the top of these rocks and site on the top, where the waves lashes and is covered by sea on three sides. The sunset view from the top of the rocks is mesmerizing and should not be missed. Cool breeze from the sea kissing the face is an unforgettable experience. Many movies have been shot in this location. But, be careful on the top of the rocks as many people have lost their lives becoming too adventurous.

A Quick Look at the Beach

The beach is undiscovered by tourists and therefore in a pristine condition. The endless golden sands are ideal for walking or sunbathing. Someshwara beach is famous for large rocks on the beach called Rudra Shile. During high tide, the sight of waves dashing against the rocks evokes a feeling of awe for the power of Nature

One can climb the Ottinene hillock for a grand view of the Netravati River winding its way to the sea through mangroves.This hillock has lush vegetation and a number of medicinal plants grow naturally here. The Government has announced plans of developing a park for medicinal plants here. This park, to be called Kshithij Nisargadhama, is approachable from Someshwara beach.

The presence of hidden rocks and currents along this stretch of the coast make this each unsuitable for swimming. The sea claims a number of lives every year as unwary swimmers are dragged by the current.

Getting To Someshwara Beach
Someshwara beach is located 9 km from Mangalore city. The beach is close to Ullal town. Mangalore is well connected to the rest of India by road and rail. The nearest airport to Someshwara beach is Mangalore. Mangalore has a variety of hotels to suit every budget, and accommodation can be arranged at short notice.

About Ullal:
Ullal is a panchayat town in Dakshina Kannada district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Ullal town is one of the oldest towns in India. In 15th century it came under the rules of Portuguese. Still the remains of its glorious history can be seen in the beaches and other parts of Ullal. It is a small town about 8–10 km south of Mangalore close to the border between the two southern states of Karnataka and Kerala. It comprises two revenue villages, Ullal and Parmannur, in Mangalore Taluk. Ullal is located adjacent to City Corporation of Mangalore at a distance of 10 KM from District head quarters. Most of the people in ullal belong to either beary or Mogaveera ethnic group.Ullal, which was otherwise considered to be a very peaceful place became notorious for the communial riots for last few years.

It is very famous for historic locations like Someshwara Temple, Summer Sands Beach Resort, Queen Abbakka’s Fort at Ranipura, Seyyad madani dargah, K Pandyarajah Ballal Institutes and college of nursing and Queen Abbakka’s basadi at melangadi. This quaint little sea town on the shore of Arabian Sea was the setting for wide-scale sea-erosion that occurred in the late 1990s and early this millennium. The local authorities however have tried to reduce the damage by placing sand bags near the advancing coastline, the benefits of this step are yet to be noted.[citation needed]. Adjacent to summer sands beach resort is subhash nagar. The remains of Rani Abbakka’s fort can be seen in the vicinity of Someshwara Temple. This Town is an important trading centre for fish and fish manure. Fishing and Beedi rolling are main occupations of the residents of this town.

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Maps and Driving Directions to Someshwar Beach

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