Manipal Lake

Situated amidst the newly-built Heritage Village, Dr TMA Pai planetarium, a church and a temple, there is a lake in Manipal popularly known as Manipal Lake or Manuu Palla Lake.

How to reach Manipal Lake

Mannu Palla Lake is located 4 kms from the center of Udupi and about 2 kms from Manipal Institute of Technology (M.I.T) with a circumference of 2.4 kms and 60 acres. Call Mangalore Taxi +91-9972722878 to make a memorable trip to Mannu Palla Lake.

History of Mannu Palla Lake

Mannu Palla Lake is a man-made wonder. Around 1960, tile factories were established in Manipal and nearby regions. As the soil of this area around Manipal Lake had lots of clay at that time, it was continually removed from the lake region to prepare tiles. Gradually this resulted in the formation of a large pond where rain water would get collected. Later it took the shape of a lake. Manipal is situated 3 kilometers from the temple city of Udupi and is 65 km north of Mangalore. The name ‘Manipal’ is derived from ‘Mannu Palla’ Anglicized to Manipal. Mannu means soil and Palla means lake in Tulu Language. This lake due to which Manipal owes its name still has a pride of place in this university town and it offers boating facilities. Manipal was once a barren hill with trees here and there. This hill was transformed to a University town by Dr.T.M.A. Pai starting 1950’s.

A view of the beautiful Mannu Palla Lake

Facilities to come soon

– 2 km long 6 feet wide joggers track with interlock tiles around the lake.
– 6 feet wide soil-base walkers track is also being constructed alongside.
– The walkers track expects to benefit the senior citizens who go for walks.
– As many as 36 granite benches and 40 lampposts are being installed.
– Nearly 1,500 saplings of local varieties were planted in the 40 acre area to enhance its green cover.
– Some shrubs would be planted for landscaping.

Future plans

Afforestation work is under progress to make this area rich in bio-diversity. Various species of plants found especially in the undivided Dakshina Kannada region are to be planted in this area.

– Two connecting roads would be built to the Mannu Pala Lake area — one from Anant Nagar side, another from the Dr. T.M.A. Pai Planetarium side. Three security check posts would be built at three different locations.

– A two-acre parking area would be constructed near the lake to accommodate 100 four-wheelers and 100 two-wheelers. Green zones would be built in three different locations. They would together occupy four acres. Each zone would have about 60 trees. Here, in the shade of trees, swing sets, slides and see-saws would be installed for children to play with.

– A concrete compound wall would be constructed around the 100 acre to prevent encroachment.

– An adventure water sports including boating is expected to come up in about 2.5 acres near the lake in a couple of months.

– The district administration is considering to collect a fee of Rs. 15 or Rs. 30 per month per person from daily joggers and walkers, in addition to a fee from tourists, which could be used for maintenance of the 100-acre area.

– Department is planning to increase the depth of the lake every year to increase its water-holding capacity to preserve and protect the area and develop it into a picnic or tourist spot.

Maps and Driving Directions to Manipal Lake

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Video Gallery of Manipal Lake



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