Apsara Konda Falls

Apsara Konda Falls is located at a distance of about 8 km from the town of Honnavar (Uttar Kannada District, Karnatataka, India), 28 km from famous Murudeshwar Temple, and 175 km from Mangalore. Once you reach that place, you can see a beautiful Hindu temple – Umamba MahaGanapathi and Ugra Narasimha Temple. There is a sign board near temple to reach water falls. If you walk few meters 3 mins walk) behind the temple through dense forest, you can see the Apsara Falls. ‘Apsara’ in Sanskrit means Angel. Surrounded by dense forest, the water is clean and not very deep. Hence you can enjoy near the falls. The mineral rich water gushing from a height of 50 ft, is a real visual treat. Although, the water seems muddy at the foot of the waterfall, it’s crystal clear when it flows down the slope and the sediments settle down. From there if you walk further up, you reach the top of a hill. The view from the view point is mesmerizing. Arabian sea, trees, paddy fields,sand beach, really a treat for eyes.

Photo Gallery of Apsara Konda Falls

Apsara Konda Hill contains many small and big caves and these caves are called Pandava Caves. People believe that Pandava’s had stayed in these caves during their Vanavasa period. This place was not known to outside people for many years. That is one of the main reason it looks like untouched beauty.

Now tourism department has taken initiatives to develop this place as major tourist attraction. It has built a beautiful park in the hillock and there is a small water boat in the pond. As a result Apsara Konda is witnessing many tourists these days. If you go to Gokarna or Murudeshwara, please make it a point to visit Apsara Konda Water Falls and also the View Point.

How to reach Apsara Konda Falls

From Honnavar town there is bus facility to Apsara Konda but frequency is very less. Better to go by your own vehicle or hire a taxi. Call Mangalore Taxi at +91-9972722878 to book your trip. There is a signboard after Kasarkod to reach Apsara Konda. You have to take turn from this signboard and the road which leads to Apsara Konda is mud road.

Best Time to Visit Apsara Konda Falls

From October to February.

Driving Directions to Apsara Konda Falls

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